Brian G. from Toronto, Canada





plays a “tired” tune on the Gretsch 6120

Frank F. from Long Island, NY improvises

on the

L5 “Wes Montgomery” Model

Paul K. gets the Marshall stack in gear

Danny & Mandy L. sample the Fender



Blackface lineup with their own Telecasters

John C. from London, England shows how




good a Geeson can sound thru a full Hiwatt stack

Peter L. from Yorkshire, England


gives the Super 400 a test drive

Rusty L. takes time to stop and smell the roses, as well as give the Fender Squire Telecaster a workout

Steve B. works his Les Paul





“Acoustic Guitar Forum” Members

Elliot J gets in some licks



Toronzo C. test drives “Lucy”

Matt J gets a little jazzy with the Newson

Sean K from London, England takes the Falcon for a test flight









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