2006 Gretsch 6120-1959LTVLH

2006 6120-1959 LTV (on right). It's the first new Gretsch offered to lefties with a laquer finish, and it's top shelf in every way, as the side by side comparison to the 1996 6120LH below shows. The body shape/thickness, trestle bracing, proper binding, proper size "Gretsch" headstock "inlay", Zero-Fret, proper “Noe-Classical” inlays,  proper headstock shape/color, slight V feel to the neck, Switchcraft/CTS components with TV Jones pickups, thinner top, open back tuners, much more authentic orange color, and last but not least, the beautiful creme color of real laquer over the binding. Some close ups show the improvements made to the 6120 model previously available.

Note the narrower/longer headstock , Zero-Fret, small tuner bushings, proper size/shape “Gretsch” & Horseshoe inlay. The photo doesn’t  show the darker brown of the new headstock very well, but it is noticeable.


The open back tuners are a much more accurate touch than the sealed ones


The fret marker dots are now done in the proper red color


The heel has been tapered to a slimmer, correct profile


The binding no longer has the extra black lines that interrupted the square look of the heel block. Also, note the correct sharp corner due to the heel taper









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