Brian checks out a baritone 7 string

Brian G returns

 to the Sanctum

for vacation




July 2005


Mmmm..  Zebra and Creme


Jamming at Chicago Music Exchange


On the Chicago River tour


Cheezbubger, Cheezburger, no Coke, Pepsi!!


Take me out to the ballgame


Home Run White Sox


Brian and Jim get in a quick round


May as well fix an amp


At the Heritage Guitar Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan


Alicia and Rendall Wall


Rendall and Jim look over a lefty


At Elderly Instruments


Clowning around at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

Brian looking  Apollo-getic

All these pots and switches, and Brian without a meter


Jawhol, Herr Brian aboard  the U-505


All that U–Boating make for a tired Brian


After a quick refreshment atop the John Hancock Building,

 Brian is ready to rock


Alicia checks out a Brian Moore Custom Shop lefty

 at NAMM in Indianapolis



Alicia and Mandy


Oh Man, what a vacation!











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